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Frequently Asked Questions

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Survey Incentives

What is a Survey Incentive Landing Page link?

When you want to provide your survey respondents with a survey incentive from your txtMovies account, we provide your with a custom link (Survey Incentive Landing Page) that you will redirect your survey respondents to after they complete your survey.  

How do I get a Survey Incentive Landing Page?

When you sign up for an account, answer YES to the question: "Will you be using your txtMovies account for survey incentives?" or send us a message. Links are usually delivered within 24 hours via email.


Redbox Codes 

Do your Redbox codes expire?

No, there are no expiration dates.

Are the Redbox codes good for both regular DVDs and Blu ray discs?

Yes, the codes can be redeemed for a 1 night rental of either a standard DVD or Blu ray disc.


Amazon Codes

Do your Amazon codes expire?

No, there are no expiration dates.

Can Amazon codes be used for products other than Amazon Instant Videos?

Yes, Amazon codes can be redeemed for and used towards the purchase of over 200 million products on Amazon.com.